Our solution

Our solution is electric from conception. Starting from scratch we take a holistic approach to aircraft design, allowing us to fully optimize the benefits of electric aviation. Our state-of-the-art aircraft is powered by four key capabilities

Electric by design

Radical and holistic re-thinking of the airframe, propeller and motor maximizes energy management and flight efficiency.

Ultra-light design

Our battery takes up 65% of the aircraft’s weight, and it takes a state-of-the-art all composite body to makeup for that.

High energy density battery

Combining Lithium-ion for high power needs and a proprietary Aluminum-Air system for range, hitting the 400Wh/kg mark and more


Built from day one as an Optionally Piloted Vehicle,
for increased flexibility and expansion of services today, and full autonomy when regulations permit.

Omer Bar-Yohay


Aviv Tzidon

Active Chairman

Who we are?

With a track record of successful innovation, we are a team of entrepreneurs and engineers committed to building disruptive solutions.

We have deep experience leading successful tech companies and programs, including innovations in drone logistics, metal-air energy solutions, and air simulation systems. As members in the NASA, FAA and GAMA electric aviation committees, we are key proponents in determining the future of the aviation industry. The days of ground transportation are nearing an end.

Our goal is to pioneer accessible, sustainable air travel that can power the future of regional transit. We are building a future where consumers everyday reach is expanded beyond their imagination.