Our solution

Eviation Alice is electric from conception. Starting from scratch, Eviation takes a holistic approach to aircraft design, allowing us to fully optimize the benefits of electric aviation.


With a track record of successful innovation, we are a team of entrepreneurs committed to building disruptive solutions. We have deep experience leading successful tech companies and programs, including innovations in drone logistics, metal-air energy solutions, and air-simulation systems.

Aviv Tzidon

Active Chairman
An accomplished entrepreneur, Aviv has founded over 10 high-tech companies, three of which have been listed on NASDAQ and one on the Frankfurt stock exchange, and holds over 15 patents. He's the founder of Phinergy Ltd. and serves as its Chief Executive Officer.

Omer Bar-Yohay

A fifteen-year veteran of experience leading multidisciplinary teams , in adverse conditions, to perform unique operational and technological tasks as a government employee, Omer, a Physicist, with unique high power electrical propulsion systems expertise, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Eviation Aircraft, where he has pioneered the industry’s first all-electric aircraft

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