Our Vision

Change the way people travel regionally through affordable, sustainable aviation.


Our Mission

Build aircraft that create new market opportunities, challenging the limits of air travel use in a scalable, sustainable, and economically viable way.


Why Electric?

Just as in ground transportation, electric propulsion reduces the energy usage, maintenance costs and environmental impact of air transit, while providing a smoother, safer passenger experience.

Alice is not a great plane we managed to make electric. It’s a great plane because it’s electric.


We believe the new era of air mobility will be defined by those dedicated to bringing engineering innovation and the pioneering
spirit of aviation to life, every day.

Composed of talented individuals who are
ready to take on the all-electric challenge, Eviation’s team is prepared to forever change
the way people move. By creating something that has never been done before, Eviation is proud to be electrifying the revolution and ushering in the future of flight.



With a track record of multidisciplinary innovation, we are a team of entrepreneurs and engineers committed to building disruptive solutions that work and improve our world.

Omer Bar-Yohay Co-Founder& CEO A physicist by training, Bar-Yohay is an experienced lead developer of high performance energy system solutions for the defense industry. With 4 years of developing electrical propulsion systems expertise in the auto industry. Previously an officer in the IDF and a fifteen-year veteran leading multidisciplinary teams performing unique operational and technological tasks.
Aviv Tzidon Co-Founder& CIO An accomplished entrepreneur, Tzidon has founded over 10 high-tech companies, three of which have been listed on NASDAQ and one on the Frankfurt stock exchange. He holds over 15 patents. Previously a combat pilot in the IAF, Tzidon has flown various missions on both F-15s and F-16s throughout his career.
Lior Zivan CTO As a leader of several development programs at IAI and an accomplished aeronautical engineer, Zivan heads the company’s tech development efforts.
Yaara Dror Chief of Staff Leveraging her background within Ernst & Young’s tech incentive departments, Dror leads Eviation’s strategic planning, business development and market approach.

A Steward of Sustainable Aviation

As an active board member of GAMA and partner to the FAA and NASA’s electric aviation committees, Eviation is helping to forge a new path and future for the aviation industry…and the world.